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AffiliStores Review - How it Works

AffiliStores Review - It’s true that consumers are spending more money online now than ever before in history. But most of this money goes to just a few major platforms. Instead of FIGHTING for your share, why not just take a slice off the top?

AffiliStores is a lot like being a kid with a lemonade stand. You set up shop [okay, the software actually does it for you]. THEN your parents make the sales for you. But in this case, ‘your parents’ are 6 of the most successful eCom platforms on the planet. All in your corner, doing the selling, and putting commissions directly in your pocket. There simply isn’t an easier way to bank eCom profits anywhere.

The traffic’s included - no need to pay for ads. Your stores are ‘set & forget’ - they AUTOMATICALLY update 24/7. Make the lemonade once, get paid long term. Talk about an online profit SHORTCUT.

Making daily commissions can be simple or extremely complicated. You could spend months building a list. Learn how to write great emails. Struggle to find offers that convert. Write product reviews, publish videos, post all over social media. And do it ALL over again day after day.

AffiliStores is an all-in-one commission system. It builds you top-converting affiliate eCom stores. Packed with UNLIMITED products from Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart & more leading eCom platforms [they literally do the selling FOR you]. The system includes a unique, HIGHLY effective traffic software - built right in! No need for paid ads or daily updates . After a 3-click setup, your stores & traffic run all by themselves.Thanks to advances in technology, you CAN make set & forget commissions.

AffiliStores Review - Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really beginner friendly or do I need any tech skills?

AffiliStores is so beginner friendly - if you can get online you have all the skills you’ll need! The point & click software and step-by-step video guides walk you thru the simple process of launching profitable affiliate stores.

Will this work on my Mac?
Absolutely - the software is cloud-based and works on ANY operating platform. How soon can I start making money with AffiliStores? Results vary from user to user - but we’ve had beta-testers making consistent profits within as little as 24 hours from setting up the system.

Is traffic included?
YES! We include MULTIPLE, 100% free traffic sources.
Your stores are SEO optimized to get free organic traffic … and as they continue to grow with the self-updating feature, you can rank even higher. The powerful, built-in auto-blog feature TURBOCHARGES free traffic to your stores. This set & forget tech finds & posts UNIQUE content to your stores so you get targeted visitors from social media and search engines. And of course both you AND store visitors can instantly share any product on social media for viral traffic.

What if I need support?
You’re covered! We have a dedicated, U.S. based support desk ready to help you if you have any issues or questions.

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