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XWave Review - How Dows it Works?

XWave Review - I’ll be completely honest – when my friend Dan from Videoremix told me that he’s soon bringing a video creation tool to the market… I wasn’t very excited.

As a good friend, I told him that he should re-think that because the market is flooded with easy-to-use (drag-n-drop) Video builders already. XWave Review:

He just smiled and got back to work.

Yesterday he contacted me again, sent me a copy and asked me to take a look.

It BLEW my mind. I never could have imagined this can be done. Check it out. [INSERT LINK]

With X-Wave you can turn any page URL into a top-converting video WITHOUT any video creation skills whatsoever.

You can create custom videos for real estate listings, local businesses, ecommerce websites and all other niches using only photos.

XWave Review: Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Drop any URL Into Our AI Assistant
Step 2: Select the template and images you like
Step 3: Hit render

Pretty A-freaking-mazing!

But the price tag is just insanely low…that too one-time, when he could have easily charged double the amount for such an advanced tool and that too… a recurring.

And as a good friend I told Dan that… he said that the low one-time price is ONLY for a select few Marketer friends of his (yours truly included) and that he will let me sell X-Wave to my 100 top customers at that low price.

After that the price would increase to the original pricing.

I am sending this mail to my top 100 customers. I’ll send another one to others in the list only if any copies are left (I doubt that though). Watch the demo videos here: XWave Demo Videos

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